Shooter Profile: Dalton Gallagher

Dalton-GallagherMy name is Dalton Gallagher and I am currently 14 years old. I am an honors student at Bangor Area High School in Bangor, Pennsylvania. I am a part of the National Honor Society. I began my shooting career when I was nine. My uncle Shane shot sporting clays and eventually brought me along to score for him. That went on for a while, but I wasn’t satisfied with keeping score, I wanted to shoot. Then, that Father’s Day, my uncle decided to let me shoot. I shot my 20ga. pump gun and fell in love the sport. We shot every weekend along with my grandfather, Randy, constantly getting better every weekend. Dwayne Perdue, a future coach of mine, saw potential in me and started giving me some pointers on my stance, mount, etc. After that, my skill level started going even higher with the advice. That all came to an end when I broke my arm. I couldn’t pump my gun. Without me knowing, my family had bought a new 12ga. semi-auto to solve the problem. As I started shooting again and gaining experience, my coach, Dwayne Perdue suggested that I should take a lesson with Anthony Matarese. That one lesson turned into two, and that two turned into three lessons. I became a strict A.I.M. student. With the help of my uncle Shane, my coach, and my instructor, I won my first High Over All when I was 12 years old. It was at the 2011 M&M Holiday Shoot, in the FITASC event. From then on, my confidence went through the roof and I began to shoot more competitively. At the 2012 U.S. Open, Brian Palmer and Tom Smith spoke to me about a sponsorship deal. I soon became a part of the Caesar Guerini team. Since then, I have won many more High Over Alls and my average score only keeps going higher. Accomplishments 2011, Zone 2 A1, SJCH 2011, M&M Holiday Shoot, FITASC HOA, JRCH 2012, Cedar Creek, New Jersey State Championship, Super Sporting RU, SJCH, Five Stand RU, SJCH, Fitasc JRCH 2012, Pennsylvania SCTP HOA 2012, Cedar Creek Pinelands Classic M2, SJCH 2012, U.S.Open Preliminary SJCH 2012, Factoryville, Coors Classic M1, SJCH 2012, All-Zone Team 2013, Cedar Creek Winter Blast M1, SJCH 2013, U.S. Open SJ3 2013, North East Regional SJRU 2013, Factoryville, M3, SJCH 2013, M&M Deleware River Classic Fitasc M3, JRCH, SJCH Model: Summit Sporting Modifications: A fitted stock made just for me What do you like about your Caesar Guerini: My Caesar Guerini is very reliable. It has no miss fires since I have had it. Caesar Guerini shotguns are well balanced; it is not front heavy that your arm will get tired. The recoil is relatively soft (unless you use hard hitting shells, then every gun packs a punch), almost everyone can shoot one with no problem. Caesar Guerini shotguns look great but are also great mechanically. How has it improved your shooting: My Caesar Guerini has improved my shooting more than I would have thought. My semi-auto was getting too light for me and I was beginning to get unsteady with the bird. Since the Caesar Guerini is well balanced, my swing is smooth. The custom fit of my gun has also improved my shooting. Now, every shot I take is a confident shot.