Shooter Profile: Pat McCarthy


Patrick McCarthy of Dalton, Ohio, has registered more than 450,000 targets and competed extensively at large tournaments around the country.  Born and raised in the Cleveland area, he would visit a local skeet range every Fall to get ready for hunting season.  Eventually he was talked into shooting a skeet league and later a trap league.  His interest eventually swayed more toward trap, and he began competing in 1982.  He became successful very quickly compared to most, becoming the second person in Ohio  and 54th in the country to achieve a Grand Slam (400×400), one of only 26 to have accomplished it in Grand American events, plus one of just a few to do this in less than one year from start to finish.   Over the years, Pat has earned more than 50 trophies at the Grand American World Trapshooting Tournament and hundreds more at the Northeastern, Dixie, Great Lakes, Southern, Southwestern, Golden West, and Spring Satellite Grands, as well as obtaining titles at the Central Zone, the Missouri Fall Handicap, the Cardinal Shoots, and the Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland,  Kentucky, Missouri, Michigan, West Virginia, Indiana, Iowa, North Carolina, and California state shoots.

He has been a gun salesman for Dawson Enterprises Sport Shooting Supplies in Massillon, Ohio, since 1991 and has developed and patented The Stock Lock System recoil reduction device.  He met his wife Kim through trapshooting, and they have a 17-year old daughter and 11-year old son.

Discipline: Trapshooting

Years Shooting: 31 years

Enshrined in the Amateur Trapshooting Hall of Fame in 2011
Inducted into the Ohio State Trapshooting Hall of Fame in 1998
Member of the Men’s All America Team more than 22 times since 1987
Member of the Ohio State Trapshooting Team numerous times
Earned more than 50 trophies at the Grand American World Trapshooting Tournaments
Grand Slam (400×400)
Champion of Champions in the 2013 Grand American, after going an extra 450 rounds in a shoot-off that continued for three evenings.

What model do you use? Summit Impact and Challenger Impact, as he prefers to have two guns instead of a combo.

What modifications? Stock Lock System, a custom recoil reduction device, designed and patented by Pat in 2001.

What do you like about your Caesar Guerini?

Pat has shot many quality guns over the years, but this is the first one he has been successful with right “out of the box.”  Normally he requires modification of the point of impact (even on adj. rib guns), but he has not had to alter his Guerinis.  He also typically ports the barrels, but has not felt the need to do so with the Guerinis.  He has noticed an efficient and consistent relationship between the trigger pull, lock time of trigger, and the point of impact.  The rib design draws the eyes easily over the center of the gun, directly to the path of the target.

How has it improved your shooting?

Pat only just started shooting the Guerini in May, but had quick success with 3 major trophies at his first shoot, the Buckeye Classic.  The consistency continued with 11 trophies at the Ohio State Shoot, 4 at the Great Lakes Grand, and 8 at the Grand American.  This year his averages on all three events have increased, with his doubles average being his highest since 2008.  Because of this year’s accomplishments, he was also just named as one of the twelve members of the 2014 All America First Team.