Shooter Profile: Reece Sparks

My name is Reece Sparks, I began clay shooting in 4-H when I was 12, and for the first couple of years I shot trap and skeet before being introduced to sporting clays. By 14 I was dedicated to SCTP (Scholastic Clay Target Association) and NSCA (National Sporting Clays Association). Little did I know that these two organizations would start something that I ended up loving. After years of hard work, I started developing the skills that allowed me to appreciate the sport and to compete at the Master’s level. Being associated with this sport has taught me how to believe in myself, align with diversity, and adapt to challenges. I enjoy the people, the experiences and level of competition this sport offers. It has taught me life lessons that I will never forget, friendships that will last a lifetime, and accomplishments that I will be able to share for generations to come.

Year born: 2001
Gun Model: Invictus I Sporting with 32″ barrels
Any modifications/options? Adjustable comb and recoil reducer
Years shooting: Since 2013

Primary Discipline: Sporting Clays, Super Sporting, 5-Stand

What do you like about your Caesar Guerini?
Caesar Guerini is well known in the industry for its quality. I believe most shooters would agree that the craftsmanship engineered in their firearms is equal to any on the market. Through the years, I have truly enjoyed my Invictus, it elevated my level of confidence and enabled me to achieve recognition on a level I never dreamed of. What’s amazing about Guerini is that its not just the products they sell but the customer service they provide. I don’t know of a company that supports their customers more than Caesar Guerini, and that means a lot especially when today’s customers expect perfection from their purchases. From my personal experience, I can say that being supported with quality and receiving continued customer support is why I’m proud to be associated with Caesar Guerini, they truly care about their products and customer service.

How has it improved your shooting?
Through the years, I have truly enjoyed my Invictus, it elevated my level of confidence and enabled me to achieve recognition on levels I never dreamed of. The quality of their product that they sell is unmatched, you can be confident that your Caesar Guerini will not fail. This makes such a difference while shooting in tournaments because you do not have to worry about your firearm malfunctioning at any point throughout your round. This ultimately lets you focus solely on your shooting and not worrying about potential failures or problems.

University Shooting Team: Lindenwood University – Saint Charles, Missouri

Do you give shooting instruction? No

Home Club: Silver Creek Sporting Club – Kiowa, Colorado

What’s your advice on getting new shooters involved?
My advice would be for them to be open to new and exciting adventures. Start off with a soft cartridge and probably a 20 gauge. Take them to stations that enable them to break targets, not Master level stations, and share laughter, humor, and enjoyment of the sport with them. Make it about the outing and not about how many targets are broken.

What knowledge can you share that would make better shooters?
Well, every shooter is different because we all have different skill sets, and no one method works. So I would say experiment with different breakpoints and hold points. Find a coach that you bond with, and most importantly be open to options. If you don’t want a coach, then buy a little notepad or note book and after a shoot, write down what you did good and what you could improve on. After a while you will begin to see areas that need work, and you can focus on these areas for improvements. Just keep in mind that the hits are just as important as misses to track. Don’t get too wrapped up on the misses, remember to enjoy the sport, and that even the pro’s don’t break every target every time.

Notable Wins:
  • 2020 Krieghoff Junior All-American
  • 2020 NSCA 12 Gauge Junior All-American
  • 2019 Diamond Classic – Junior Champion: 5-Stand
  • 2019 Colorado State – Junior Champion: Main Event, 5-Stand, Prelim
  • 2019 Northeast Regional – Junior Champion: 5-Stand
  • 2019 TransWest GMC – HOA Champion: Main Event
  • 2019 Kansas State – Junior Champion: Main Event, 5-Stand
  • 2019 North Central Regional – Junior Champion: 5-Stand
  • 2019 Montana State – Junior Champion: Super Sport
  • 2019 Utah State – Junior Champion: Main, Super Sport
  • 2019 Western Regional – Junior Champion: 12 Gauge Sub
  • 2018 Krieghoff Sub-Junior All-American
  • 2018 NSCA 12 Gauge Sub-Junior All-American
  • 2018 Blaser FITASC Sub-Junior All-American
  • 2018 Colorado State – Junior Champion: Main Event, 12 Gauge Sub
  • 2017 NSCA National Class Rank – A Class First Place
  • 2017 Championship Tour – A Class First Place
  • 2017 Fiocchi Cup East – HOA Runner Up: Prelim
  • 2017 National Sporting Clay Championship – Sub-Junior Champion: Krieghoff Kup
  • 2017 Southeast Regional – Sub-Junior Champion: Prelim
  • 2017 Colorado State – Overall Champion: 12 Gauge Sub
  • 2017 Colorado State – Sub-Junior Champion: Main Event
  • 2017 Northeast Regional – Sub-Junior Champion: Super Sport, 5-Stand
My Gear:

Hat/No Hat: Hat
Glasses: Ranger – Purple shade
Ammo: Remington Nitros, Winchester AA’s
Vest/No Vest: CG Shooting Vest
Attire: CG ProStaff Polo