Shooter Profile: Todd “Tonto” Simmons

Lives in Garden Valley, Georgia. Married to Robyn Simmons. I have been shooting some sort of clay target since 1975.

Year born: 1964
Gun Model: Invictus V 32″ barrels
Any modifications? Kick-eez Pad, DTS Kinetic Balancer in Stock & Barrel Balancer weights
Years shooting: Since 1975

Primary Discipline: Sporting Clays

What do you like about your Caesar Guerini?
The main thing is it shoots where I point and I love the balance of the gun.

How has it improved your shooting? Improved my focus on the target

Home: Garden Valley, Georgia
Do you give shooting instruction? Yes
Home Club: Flint Skeet & Trap in Albany, GA

What knowledge can you share that would make better shooters? Practice, practice, practice

Notable Wins:
  • Alabama State Champion (6x)
  • Georgia State (4x)
  • Florida State (3x)
  • Kentucky State (5x)
  • Mississippi State (1x)
  • North Carolina State (2x)
  • South Carolina State (5x)
  • Tennessee State (4x)
  • Pilla Lobster Classic (2x)
  • Great Eastern Lobster Classic (6x)
  • East Coast Championships (1x)
  • Fiocchi Cup East (1x)
  • U.S. Winter Nationals (2x)
  • Gamaliel Cup (1x)
  • Big Kahuna (2x)
  • Krieghoff Classic (1x)
  • Seminole Cup (1x)
  • Flint Skeet & Trap Club Championship (10x)
  • PSCA Pro Tour (2x)
  • NSCA All American (5x)
  • Krieghoff All American (11x)
  • NSCA Team USA Sporting, NSCA Team USA FITASC
Sponsors: Caesar Guerini, Pure Gold, SGS Performance Eyewear, Clever Ammunition

Hat/No Hat: No Hat
Glasses: SGS Performance Eyewear
Ear Plugs: PMS – Granny Sherman
Ammo: Clever
Vest/No Vest: No Vest
Pouch: Leather Shell bag
Attire: Sponsor Shirts
Shoes: Tennis Shoes