Faster than a grouse’s wing tip, sleeker than a pheasant’s tail feather – The Caesar Guerini Ellipse EVO Light represents the next generation of upland game gun. Through the use of special lightweight alloy, Caesar Guerini has created the first and only ultra-light round body over-and-under shotgun. Special stainless steel breech inserts guarantee long term durability. Our engraving and surface finishing creates an alloy action that is as elegant as the steel version. The Ellipse is simply the evolution of the fine over-and-under hunting gun. All Caesar Guerini field guns come with a velvet lined lockable hard case and five precision flush chokes (CYL, IC, M, IM, F). A plastic choke case is also included.
What makes a great Field Gun?
There are three things you want to take hunting with you; a well-trained dog, a good friend and a great shotgun… we can help you with the shotgun. A great bird gun has to become like an extension of your body. To accomplish this we make shotguns that are light and well balanced. Special care is taken in engineering the barrels to be as light and responsive as possible. On the other end of the shotgun, we calibrate the weight of the stock by hollowing out the stock bolt hole, ensuring the gun is perfectly balanced.

To further enhance handling we utilize a trim stock design that features swept-back open radius pistol grips that enhance the natural pointing characteristics of the shotgun while making the gun comfortable to carry during long days in the field. We take the time to perfectly fit a matching walnut butt plate to make the gun easy to mount without catching on your clothing. These features are focused on making our shotguns as functional as they are beautiful. That is what makes a great shotgun.
ModelEllipse EVO LightEllipse EVO Light
*Weights may vary based on wood density.
Barrel length28" (71cm)28" (71cm)
Avg. Weight*5lbs. 6oz.5lbs. 5oz.
Receiver finishNickel Alloy finish with Invisalloy™ protective finishNickel Alloy finish with Invisalloy™ protective finish
Stock FinishHand rubbed oilHand rubbed oil
Checkering26 lines per inch26 lines per inch
Recoil PadWood butt plateWood butt plate
Top RibWidth 8-6mm tapered solid ribWidth 8-6mm tapered solid rib
Center RibNon-VentilatedNon-Ventilated
Forcing ConesStandardStandard
Avg. Barrel Weight28”- 1.26kg (2.77lbs.)28”- 1.18kg (2.60lbs.)
Avg. Bore.626, Chrome lined.554, Chrome lined
Chokes5 nickel plated, flush fitting chokes5 nickel plated, flush fitting chokes
Sight(s)Silver front beadSilver front bead
Fore-endEllipse RoundedEllipse Rounded
SafetyManual (Automatic as an option)Manual (Automatic as an option)
AccessoriesChoke wrench and caseChoke wrench and case
CasePlastic hard case with fit interior and velvet stock sleeve and barrel sleevePlastic hard case with fit interior and velvet stock sleeve and barrel sleeve
Overall length of gun45.5" (28" barrels)45.5" (28" barrels)
Stock Dimensions
ModelEllipse EVO Light 20Ellipse EVO Light 28
All Measurements are subject to change without notice and are based on average measurements.
*Measured from the center of trigger adjustment.
Drop at comb1.5"1.5"
Drop at heel2.25"2.25"
Length of pull14.75"14.75"
Cast at heel .12".12"
Cast at toe .3".3"
Breech to comb7.5"7.5"
MSRP Pricing
*Pricing is subject to change. If your desired configuration is not listed, please contact your dealer for a Special Order.
A5E331Ellipse Evo Light 20g 28" Barrels$7,225
Additional Charge for Left Hand Stock$260
Additional Charge for English Stock$260