Sporting Guns

Summit Compact

Starting at $3995 MSRP
The Summit Compact has all of the features of a Summit Sporting with reduced 13.75" LOP and Monte Carlo stock.… [ Continue Reading ]
Sporting Guns

Magnus Sporting

Starting at $5770 MSRP
Should you adjust to your gun …or should it adjust to you? The new Maxum Impact allows the shooter to adjust … [ Continue Reading ]
Sporting Guns

Apex Sporting

Starting at $9250 MSRP
The same passion for innovation that created the Apex field gun went into the design of the new Apex Sporting… [ Continue Reading ]
Ellipse Guns

Ellipse EVO

Starting at $6850 MSRP
Fast as a grouse’s wing tip, sleek as a pheasant’s tail feather. The new Caesar Guerini Ellipse EVO represents… [ Continue Reading ]
Field Guns


Starting at $3795 MSRP
At Caesar Guerini upland bird hunting is a passion. We wanted a gun that would truly reflect our love of fall… [ Continue Reading ]
Field Guns

Tempio Light

Starting at $4325 MSRP
The new Tempio Light brings an added dimension to the popular Tempio Field gun. Featuring a forged action and… [ Continue Reading ]
Field Guns


Starting at $4325 MSRP
Previously chosen by the Editors of Field and Stream Magazine as “Best of the Best” in Shotguns, the new… [ Continue Reading ]
Field Guns

Magnus Light

Starting at $5075 MSRP
Chosen as the best new shotgun by a panel of experts at Outdoor Life Magazine, the Magnus Light is truly an… [ Continue Reading ]