Commitment, Passion, and Craftsmanship are the three words that embody the new Caesar Guerini Custom Shop. In our commitment to be the best at what we do; Caesar Guerini has created a new state of the art gunsmithing facility, recruiting top gunsmiths to serve our customers. We have a passion for exceeding our customers’ expectations by creating new features and services at very competitive prices. Caesar Guerini is constantly looking for ways to provide custom shotguns that meet even the most demanding expectations.

Old world craftsmanship still exists at Caesar Guerini, and this dictates we do the job with traditional techniques and workmanship. Hand engraving, rust bluing, leather covered recoil pads, and oil finishes are among the many time honored services we offer. If you are looking for a special shotgun crafted to your specifications, take a look at the list of our services then call our knowledgeable gunsmiths at (410) 901-1131 to start your custom order today.

Wood Craft
Adjust LOP w/ std Caesar Guerini Wood Pad$203
Adjust LOP w/ std Caesar Guerini Rubber Pad$150
Install Spacers (avail 1/8", 1/4" & 1/2" on Rubber Pads only)$19
Install Leather Covered Recoil Pad$354
Install Pachmayr Pad$155
Install Kick-eez Pad $155
Install Recoil Pad Threaded Inserts (no pad)$87
Install Jones Recoil Plate w/ Pad$332
Install GraCoil Model GC15LP w/ Kickeez or Pachmayr Pad$765
Install GraCoil Model GC15S w/ Kickeez or Pachmayr Pad$610
Install GraCoil Model 575S w/ Kickeez or Pachmayr Pad$555
Reshape Stock Comb$208
Install Long Comb Posts to Existing Caesar Guerini Adjustable Combs$99
Re-cut CheckeringP.O.R.
Install Silver Stock Medallion$214
Refinish Stock & Fore-end - Standard Finish$344
Refinish Stock & Fore-end - Supreme Finish$563
Refinish Extra Fore-end - Standard Finish$91
Refinish Extra Fore-end - Supreme Finish$148
Custom Stock Surcharge - (does not include stock)$1,290
Custom Stock w/ Adj Comb Surcharge (does not include stock)$1,685
Metal Work
Rejewell Barrel Flats$107
Reblue Barrels$297
Rust Blue Barrels$461
Reblue Steel Fore-end Iron, Trigger Guard, & Top Lever$156
Rust Blue Steel Fore-end Iron, Trigger Guard, & Top Lever$230
Refinish Metal & Wood Back to Factory Fresh$1,732
Install Double Trigger$307
Install Single Release Trigger$437
Install Double Release Trigger$754
Convert Single Release Trigger to Pull Triger$125
Convert Double Release Trigger to Pull Trigger$125
Convert Double Release Trigger to Single Release Trigger$125
Convert Single Release Trigger to Double Release Trigger$317
Install Auto Safety$130
Install Safety w/ Selector$135
Install Non-Selective Safety$62
Remove Auto Safety$73
Fit Spare Ejector$80
Change Ejector to ExtractorN/C
Change Extractor to EjectorN/C
Engrave Initial on Trigger Guard or Stock Medallion (per initial)$65
Engrave Initial in Gold Inlay on Trigger Guard or Stock Medallion (per initial)P.O.R.
Custom EngravingP.O.R.
Field Barrel$1,300 *†
Sporting Barrel$1,485 *†
Ascent Barrel$1,880 *†
Impact Barrel$2,510 *†
Trap Barrel$2,510 *†
Additional Cost For Solid / Tapered Rib For Field Barrel$155 †
Additional Cost For .410g Field / Sporting Barrel$180 †
Field Combo Set (barrel, fore-end, chokes, etc.): Woodlander, Tempio$2,070 †
Field Combo Set (barrel, fore-end, choke, etc.): Magnus, Ellipse $2,116 †
Field Combo Set (barrel, fore-end, choke, etc.): Maxum, Ellipse EVO, Apex$2,154 †
Field Combo Set (barrel, fore-end, chokes, etc.): Forum$2,311 †
Sporting Combo Set (barrel, fore-end, chokes, etc.): Summit, Summit Limited, Summit Ascent, Invictus I$2,477 †
Sporting Combo Set (barrel, fore-end, chokes, etc.): Challenger, Magnus$2,523 †
Sporting Combo Set (barrel, fore-end, chokes, etc.): Maxum, Ellipse Evolution , Invictus V, Apex$2,561 †
Sporting Combo Set (barrel, fore-end, chokes, etc.): Forum$2,718 †
Skeet 20g 28g .410g Tube Set$1,825 †
* Choke tubes not included when purchasing barrels only.
† In-Shop fitting is required for all extra barrels and fore-ends
Replacement Wood
Summit Sporting / Summit Compact Stock$1,238
Summit Sporting Fore-end$234
Summit Limited Sporting Stock$1,468
Summit Limited Sporting Fore-end$234
Summit Impact / Ascent Stock$1,615
Summit Impact / Ascent Fore-end$234
Invictus I Sporting Stock$1,321
Invictus I Sporting Fore-end$234
Invictus V Sporting Stock$2,314
Invictus V Sporting Fore-end$318
Magnus / Challenger Sporting Stock$1,930
Magnus / Challenger Sporting Fore-end$280
Challenger Impact / Ascent Stock$2,299
Challenger Impact / Ascent Fore-end$280
Maxum / Ellipse Evo Sporting Stock$2,314
Maxum / Ellipse Evo Sporting Fore-end$318
Maxum Impact Stock$2,691
Maxum Impact Fore-end$318
Apex Sporting Stock$2,545
Apex Sporting Fore-end$318
Forum Sporting Stock$3,007
Forum Sporting Fore-end$475
Woodlander Stock$1,069
Woodlander Fore-end$234
Tempio Stock$1,307
Tempio Fore-end$234
Magnus / Ellipse Stock$1,530
Magnus / Ellipse Fore-end$280
Maxum / Ellipse EVO Stock$1,914
Maxum / Ellipse EVO Fore-end$318
Apex Stock$2,260
Apex Fore-end$318
Forum Stock$2,811
Forum Fore-end$475
Summit Trap Stock$1,615
Summit Trap Fore-end$234
Invictus Ascent / Trap Stock$1,718
Invictus Ascent / Trap Fore-end$234
Invictus V / Trap Stock$2,691
Invictus V / Trap Fore-end$318
Magnus / Challenger Trap Stock$2,299
Magnus / Challenger Trap Fore-end$280
Maxum Trap / Ellipse Evolution StockStock$2,691
Maxum Trap / Ellipse Evolution Fore-end$318
Apex Trap Stock$2,822
Apex Trap Fore-end$318
Forum Trap Stock$3,152
Forum Trap Fore-end$454
Additional Charge for English Stock$235
Additional Charge for Left Hand Stock$235
Additional Charge For Left Hand Stock - Apex & Forum$370
Additional Charge for DTS Adjustable Comb$355
Custom Stock Charge (does not include cost of stock)$1,290
Custom Stock w/ DTS Adjustable Comb Charge (does not include cost of stock)$1,685
Wood UpgradeP.O.R.
*Replacement stock and/or fore-end requires fitting
Install Midbead$43
Install Hi-viz Front SightP.O.R.
Pattern Gun$109
Pit Stop$165
Non-Warranty Work (per hour)$117
Fitting Charges
Fit Stock $58
Fit Fore-end$52
Fit Barrel$245
Custom Stock fitting chargeN/C