CAESAR GUERINI U.S.A., LLC, a Maryland limited liability company (the “Distributor”) is the proud distributor of the firearm which you have purchased manufactured by Caesar Guerini s.r.l. (the “Manufacturer”). In our desire to provide you with superior customer service in connection with your firearm, the Distributor wishes to provide you the following extended warranty for your firearm which is, in addition to, and exceeds the Manufacturer’s warranty which you received with your firearm at the time of purchase. To benefit from this Distributor’s warranty, you will need to complete and return to the Distributor the Distributor Registration Card by certified or registered mail within thirty (30) days of date of purchase. THE DISTRIBUTOR WARRANTS THAT THIS FIREARM WAS MANUFACTURED FREE OF DEFECTS IN MATERIAL OR WORKMANSHIP WHICH ADVERSELY AFFECTS THE OPERATION OF YOUR FIREARM FOR THE SHORTER OF THE LIFE OF THE PARTS OR THE ORIGINAL OWNER. THIS WARRANTY IS NON-TRANSFERABLE AND IS LIMITED TO THE ORIGINAL PERSONAL RETAIL PURCHASER. SUBJECT TO SUCH LIMITATIONS AS ARE SET OUT BELOW, THE DISTRIBUTOR AGREES TO CORRECT ANY DEFECT IN MATERIAL OR WORKMANSHIP IN YOUR FIREARM WHICH ADVERSELY AFFECTS THE OPERATION OF YOUR FIREARM, AS DETERMINED BY THE DISTRIBUTOR’S TECHNICIANS, BY REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT (AT DISTRIBUTOR’S DISCRETION, AND IF THE FIREARM IS TO BE REPLACED, WITH THE SAME OR COMPARABLE QUALITY FIREARM). The Distributor does not warrant the wood (stock or forend), or metal finish with respect to finish, matching of pieces, dents, scratches, cut, dings, etc. which are or should be apparent to the purchaser when the product is purchased or which occur after purchase. It is the customer’s responsibility to inspect this particular product prior to purchase to ensure that it is free from defects or damage. This Warranty is effective from the original retail purchase of the firearm. THE DISTRIBUTOR ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR FIREARM MALFUNCTION OR FOR PERSONAL INJURY OR PROPERTY DAMAGE OR DEATH RESULTING IN WHOLE OR IN PART FROM CRIMINAL OR NEGLIGENT USE OF THE FIREARM, IMPROPER OR CARELESS HANDLING, FAILURE TO PERFORM PRESCRIBED MAINTENANCE AS SET FORTH IN THE USER AND MAINTENANCE MANUAL ATTACHED TO YOUR FIREARM AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE, UNAUTHORIZED MODIFICATIONS, USE OF DEFECTIVE, IMPROPER HAND LOADED, RELOADED OR REMANUFACTURED AMMUNITION, CUSTOMER ABUSE OR NEGLECT OF THE PRODUCT OR OTHER INFLUENCES BEYOND THE DISTRIBUTOR’S DIRECT AND IMMEDIATE CONTROL. THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT APPLY TO NORMAL WEAR AND TEAR OF ANY PARTS, INCLUDING METAL, WOOD, PLASTIC, RUBBER, SURFACE FINISH OR OTHER MATERIALS, OR IF UNAUTHORIZED REPAIR AND/OR ALTERATION HAS BEEN PERFORMED. THE DISTRIBUTOR’S WARRANTY IS LIMITED TO THE WARRANTY PROVIDED HEREIN AND THE DISTRIBUTOR DOES NOT MAKE ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FOR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. THE DISTRIBUTOR SHALL HAVE NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES OR EXPENSES. This Distributor’s Warranty cannot be changed except in writing by an authorized officer of the Distributor. Any warranty repair approved to be made to your firearm may only be made by an authorized repair facility. Dealers or gunsmiths (unless they are an approved repair facility) are not authorized to make any repair or adjustment on behalf of Distributor. If your firearm should require warranty repairs, please contact the Distributor at the contact information on the attached “Warranty Assistance Sheet” and comply with the return instructions set forth thereon.