Can I get a custom built gun with my stock dimensions?
Yes, Caesar Guerini can provide custom stock dimensions on any new shotgun in our line. For pricing on our custom stock option for any model please visit our Custom Shop page. The grade of wood will be standard to the model you select.

Can I order upgraded wood?
Through our custom shop you can select from an array of upgraded stocks and fore-ends. Prices vary with wood grade. What kind of wood do you make the stocks from? We use English walnut sourced mainly from Turkey.

Can I have a different style stock then the one shown on the gun?
You can special order any style of stock we make. Or you can choose to have a custom stock made in any configuration.

Can I order a shotgun with a different style fore-end?
We have number of different style fore-ends available by special order.

Can I have a DTS adjustable comb installed in my existing stock?
Unfortunately, the DTS system is too complicated to retro fit to an existing stock. The installation is performed by CNC machine before the wood is even shaped.

How can I tell if my gun can use a DTS Kinetic Balancer?
Remove the rubber recoil pad from the wood stock and inspect the drawbolt hole. If the hole has a counterbore (two different diameters) to hold the DTS Kinetic Balancer in place, then your stock is ready to receive the balancer. If there is no counterbore, then your stock is not ready to receive the balancer. You can ship your gun to us to have the drawbolt hole prepped for the balancer. The only charge will be shipping, the work will be performed at no charge. PLEASE NOTE: The DTS Kinetic Balancer is only designed for our Sporting and Trap stocks and will not fit in a Field stock. Click here to see an example of counterbored drawbolt hole.

Can you modify my existing stock?
The custom shop can make a number of changes and additions to your current stock. Anything from modifications to the wood to aftermarket recoil pads. Contact one of our custom shop staff for more information.

What kind of finish is on Caesar Guerini stocks?
We only use a linseed oil based finish on our stocks. A true oil finish brings out the beauty of the wood.

How do I care for my wood?
Caesar Guerini offers an oil finish maintenance kit that provides all of the supplies to keep your stock looking like new.

What is the time required for custom stock work?
It depends on what is being done. We strive to not only produce superior work at a reasonable cost but also in a very timely fashion. Contact us with your requirements and we will give you an estimated time.


Can I get another set of barrels for my shotgun?
We can install any set of compatible barrels. We have many configurations of barrels available.

I have a twelve gauge shotgun. Can I add small gauge barrels to my gun?

We do not offer small gauge barrels for the twelve gauge frame at this time.

Can I add another gauge to a 20, 28 or .410 gauge gun?

We can add another small gauge barrel set to any of our small gauge guns.

Can I get extended competition style chokes for my game gun?
Our competition chokes will fit into any of our hunting guns. We also offer custom upgraded chokes.

Can the automatic ejectors be converted to extractors?

We can easily convert any Caesar Guerini to extraction and back to ejection.

Can I get any different sight beads?

We can install a variety of sights. Contact our custom shop with your needs.

Can I add a trap barrel to my sporting clays gun?
We can do it but, due to the high ramp rib the existing stock will be far too low. You will also need to have a solution for the difference in rib heights.

Why don’t you port your guns?
Most customers believe in different styles of porting and we feel it is better to allow the customer to be able to pick the type of porting they prefer from one of the many aftermarket suppliers. (warning: porting will void the warranty. Specifically any damage caused by the alteration of the gun.)

Why doesn’t Caesar Guerini make choke tubes out of Stainless Steel?
Some shooters ask us why we make the choke tubes in steel and not stainless steel. The answer has to do with an aspect of choke tube performance that is not well understood by many shooters and for good reason. Most aftermarket and current factory choke manufacturers us 17-4 PH stainless steel and promote it as the best material for choke tubes. It is a good material in many ways. It doesn’t need much basic maintenance and the manufacture saves the cost of having to apply any finish to the metal. Additionally it is strong, heat treatable and possesses good machining properties.

So what is the draw back? If you make two exactly identical choke tubes with one made from 17-4PH stainless and one from a steel that is the same as that of a shotgun barrel (4140), the steel tube will almost always outperform the stainless choke tube. Why? The secret is in the elasticity of the steel. A shotgun barrel flexes and expands as the shot column travels down the barrel and finally reaches the choke area. In the old days of fixed chokes this area flexed and expanded at the same rate providing a smooth transition minimizing ballistic disturbance. Screw in an inflexible choke tube and it will result in having the shot column hitting a rigid structure before leaving the muzzle. That is why so many shooters recall old fixed choke guns with so much fondness for their pattern performance. 17-4 PH stainless steel expands at a different rate than 4140 barrel steel. Stainless is much less elastic and harder at C45 (Rockwell hardness at condition H900) while 4140 has a hardness of C13. If you make a choke tube out of the same steel as the barrel, with the same elasticity, you have a shotgun choke that performs like a fixed choke. It is simply a more ballistically efficient system.


Do Caesar Guerini shotguns have inertia or mechanical triggers?
The triggers in all of our shotguns are inertia operated. This necessitates fewer moving parts and a high level of reliability. We do offer a Skeet Trigger on 12 gauge models which has the simplicity of the inertia trigger as well as the reliability of the mechanical trigger for shooting small gauge skeet tubes, especially .410 gauge.

Do your guns have an automatic safety?
An automatic safety is an option on all models.

Do you offer a release trigger?
Yes, our DTS release trigger system is available in all of our 12 gauge target guns. This revolutionary system does not require any alteration to the frame or wood and is totally integrated into your guns existing trigger mechanism. It is available in double or single release versions and will not affect the function of the selector or safety. The system can also be converted back to a pull trigger at any time. You can order a new gun with a release trigger or you can send your gun to us for installation. This system will fit all of our existing 12 gauge frames and does not alter your factory warranty.

Is your trigger adjustable?
The triggers on sporting clay and trap guns are adjustable for length of pull. A small wrench is provided with your gun for this purpose. The over-travel and take-up are also adjustable but should only be done by a qualified gunsmith.

Are double triggers available?
Yes, but only in 12 gauge.

Can you install a barrel selector switch in your O/U trap guns?
Yes, trap guns can be ordered with a selective trigger or retrofitted at any time.

Can I send my gun to Caesar Guerini to have the trigger pull lightened?

Unfortunately, liability issues prevent us from altering the trigger pull.

Can you install mechanical triggers as an option?
We do offer a Skeet Trigger for our 12 gauge models which offers the simplicity of the inertia trigger and the reliability of the mechanical trigger for shooting small gauge skeet tubes, especially the .410 gauge.

What type of engraving technique is used?
We use a wide variety of engraving techniques. Many times we will combine techniques to attain a desired result. If you want to know how a particular model is engraved please contact us. We are happy to share the details of production with our customers.

General Services

Is Caesar Guerini going to offer a 16 gauge shotgun in the future?
We currently do not have any plans to make a 16 gauge shotgun.

What is your Pit Stop program, and how do I take advantage of it?

Our Pit Stop program enables the original owners to send their guns in once a year (up to 3 times) to have their gun looked over and checked out to make sure the gun is operating at its optimal performance. There is no cost, except after the third Pit Stop. For pricing please see PitStop under Miscellaneous on the Custom Shop page. All you need to do is fill out the Service Form and send to:
Caesar Guerini USA
700 Lake Street
Cambridge, MD 21613

How do I find a dealer near me?
Our website has a dealer locator. Simply click on that link and enter your zip to find the closest dealer.

There are no dealers within a reasonable distance – how can I buy a CG?
If you contact our sales department (866-901-1131) we will guide you through the process with one of our authorized dealers. The process is simple and we will handle the details for you.

What is the warranty on Caesar Guerini shotguns?
All Caesar Guerini shotguns come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Do you offer any other choke tube constrictions other than what came with my gun?
Yes, in our extended choke tubes we also have available: Improved Modified, Lite Full, Full, & Extra Full.

Do I have to order choke tubes through a dealer?
No, you may order choke tubes directly through us. Simply give us a call to place your order.

What ammo should I be using for my gun?
We only recommend the use of factory manufactured ammunition. The use of reloads voids your warranty. Consult your owner’s manual for additional information.

Do I need to mail my warranty card to Italy?
No, you should mail both the distributor warranty and manufacturer warranty (one in Italian) cards to: Caesar Guerini USA, 700 Lake St., Cambridge, MD 21613

How do I order a hat, shirt, vest, etc.?
If you would like to order any accessory item visit our online store or simply give us a call at 410-901-1131. Please have your credit card info ready (Visa, Mastercard, & Discover are accepted).

Can I come to your facility and see the guns?
We are not open to the public, however we do accept appointments for people to come and pick out their gun from inventory that is available at that time. You must contact an authorized dealer and have them schedule the appointment for you. Please use our dealer locator to find the closest authorized dealer.

How can I demo a Caesar Guerini Shotgun?
Call Caesar Guerini USA at 410-901-1131 or one of our authorized dealers and we will arrange for a demo. Availability could be limited by region.

Do you plan to sponsor any CG shooting clinics where I could try your guns and/or improve my skill with my CG?
We will be holding a number of clinics this year at a number of facilities around the country you can look for the dates and locations on our web site or contact us directly at 410-901-1131.

Are alternative or additional cases available for your shotguns?
We offer a selection of plastic, leather, and Aluminum hard cases. You can upgrade when you purchase your new shotgun or purchase them separately at a later date.

I’ve lost my owner’s manual. How do I get another one?
We can email or mail you another owner’s manual for your gun. Just give us a call at 410-901-1131.

What do I do if my shotgun malfunctions?

Package the gun carefully, fill out the Custom Shop Service Form, and ship it to:
Caesar Guerini USA
700 Lake Street
Cambridge, MD 21613
(Please insure the gun for its full value)

How long will it take to repair a gun?
We do our very best to complete customer repairs as quickly as possible. Most repairs are completed in 10 business days. The length of time required can be affected by services requested and current work load. To check the status of your repair, simply email us here (including your guns serial number). Please allow 10 business days to pass before inquiring about status.

Can I purchase gun(s) directly from Caesar Guerini USA?
Online retail-to-consumer firearm sales and ammunition is expressly prohibited and all such requests by parties other than those with a verifiable wholesale “resellers” federal firearms license will be referred to an authorized storefront firearms dealer in the requestor’s area of residence.