Shooter Profile: Adrian Perry

Adrian Perry is an Engineer for Robert Bosch and a huge fan of sporting clays. Adrian can be found shooting as well as standing as a spectator and giving helpful information to other shooters.  Hanging out with his brother Leroy Perry for two years as a spectator, Adrian finally decided to give it a try at a Wisconsin state event playing the Lewis class. No doubt, winning snagged him for a life time or at least the last ten years.

Prior to owning a shotgun, Adrian decided that he would make his own custom stock this in part was due to the fact that he has a unique style of holding and mounting a shotgun. Well after a little research and the purchase of his first shotgun he began using car Bondo and a hand held cheese grader to sculpt his first try stock. After having it duplicated and his personal finishing touches applied, he decided to watch a video and take a lesson or two on checkering and the rest is history. Adrian not only shoots the game, he personally helps others with setup, gun fit and does an occasional personal fitting and fabrication of custom gunstocks. He personally interviews his potential client prior to accepting the task, because there is nothing worst then an unhappy union between two people once you have made a custom adjustment to a shooters gunstock.

Having experienced lifelong lessons from his brother Leroy and having ten years of shooting experience together,  Adrian became a member  at the Northbrook Sporting Clays Club,  where he has learned the game of sporting clays and “ it ain’t as easy as it looks” he quotes..

Discipline: Sporting Clays

Years Shooting: 10 Years


In his attempt to refine his shooting abilities he has taken lessons from Curt Mauldin, Dan Carlisle and finally Gebben Miles just in time to win the 2012 North Central Regional AA and 5-Stand Championship spring boarding him into Master Class with 21 punches for the year all with his Caesar Guerini Summit Impact.

What model do you use: What modifications:
CG Impact 32 inch
Remington 1 oz. 1185 or 1290 fps 7-1/2
Caesar Guerini or Pure Gold Chokes
Hidef Sebing Spex
Molded hearing protection

Adrian has modified his Caesar Guerini Impact by fabricating and installing a custom adjustable recoil pad, extended Ebony pistol grip and Rib stabilizer all designed and Machined by Adrian himself.

What do you like about your Caesar Guerini: How has it improved your shooting:

Adrian has been known to say, “Along with the adjustability, I like the weight, balance and the skeet triggers of the CG Impact. The balance makes this one of the more dynamic tools ever tried considering my size and weight”.

The CG Impact allows Adrian to shoot a more progressive style not only slowing him down but allowing him to slow the target down and point the gun in the exact spot he is looking in!!! This in itself has been the biggest improvement in his game…