Shooter Profile: August M Crocker


I’ve shot competitive clays since I was 13 and have been in master class since 2004. I’ve traveled abroad to learn from the greatest gunsmiths and craftsmen that exis. My passion for guns is broad and I enjoy helping people select the right gun and personally fit that gun to them for their comfort and success.  I handle each and every customer personally from wood selection to stock modification and finally lessons on the field.

Notable sporting clays wins include Emerald Open, Crawfish Open, Pro-Matic Open, World High Hammer and two time Capitol City Champion.  I’ve enjoyed wins in the pigeon rings at the Kings Cup in Spain and multiple at the Byram Open here in Texas.

What model do you shoot? Invictus M-SPEC (in the Invictus III grade)

What do you like about your Caesar Guerini?
I’m very proud to represent Caesar Guerini for a number of reasons.  I have owned, serviced, and sold most every other maker in the world and I can say Caesar’s quality and service are second to none. Warranty and reliability are critical to a shooters success so the shotgun choice is an important one.  I love talking to shooters and hope to hear from you with any question you might have.