Shooter Profile: Michael Cresci

Michael Cresci, from Vineland, New Jersey, has worked in law enforcement for over sixteen years. While balancing his career, and with the support of his family, Michael strives to pursue his passion for competitive sporting clay shooting. Growing up on a farm, Michael enjoyed hunting with his family and was taught the discipline of shotgun shooting by his father. It was not until the spring of 2019, that he was introduced to sporting clays and competed in his first registered NSCA event. He immediately became consumed with the sport and purchased a Caesar Guerini Summit Ascent. With his Caesar Guerini and commitment to the sport, Michael’s shooting excelled. He was able to achieve the rank of Master Class in just over one year of competitive shooting. Michael currently shoots an Invictus I Sporting M- SPEC, with continued success, and is proud to represent Caesar Guerini.

Year Born: 1985
Gun Model: Invictus I Sporting M-SPEC (34″ barrels)
Any modifications: None
What year did you begin shooting?: 2019

Primary Discipline: Sporting Clays

Residence and Home town (if different): Vineland, New Jersey

Home Club: Cedar Creek Sporting Clays / M&M Hunting and Sporting Clays

Shooting Accomplishments:
  • 3x NSCA New Jersey All-State Team (open)
  • 2022 New Jersey State Champion (resident)