Shooter Profile: Don Padgett

As a teenager I learned to wing shoot with my father and carried that over to shooting trap on my high school Trap Shooting Team in the early 80’s. After having children I took time off from shooting to raise them and hunt as a hobby. In 2015 I regained my passion for shooting clays while living in Texas. 2016 brought me back to Alabama where I became serious in my clay shooting passion. Purchased by Caesar Guerini Summit Ascent in the Spring of 2017. My wife and I purchased a new home in Tennessee in 2017 that had 21 acres and needed a lot of work. In 2017 I was only able to shoot 1,900 registered targets. Just enough to get me into C Class to start out 2018. 2018 was the magical year when my Caesar Guerini shooting 7,500 registered targets and I made it from fresh in C Class to 4 punches short of Master. The CG and I were a team that earned us 2018 Gamaliel Cup B Class Champion, Gamaliel Cup 5-Stand Prelim B Class Champion, Kentucky State FITASC A Class Champion, Kentucky State Super Sporting A Class Champion, Kentucky State 12 Ga tied of HOA, Tennessee State AA Class Champion, Tennessee State FITASC HOA Runner Up, NSCA Championship Super Sporting AA Class 4th Place, and NSCA All Region for the Southeast Region. February of 2019 was another milestone month where I received my Master Class Status and also took the NSCA Level I Instructor Course. My Caesar Guerini and I are looking to make some more milestones in the Future. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support from my wife and my Caesar Guerini.

Year Born: 1964
Gun Model: Invictus I Ascent
Any modifications: None
What do you like about your Caesar Guerini? I love the balance, reliability, and overall feel of the gun.
How has it improved your shooting? I was in D Class when I purchased my Summit Ascent. Within 2 years I became Master Class and won several competitions. When I transitioned to the Invictus I Ascent it was a smooth transition because the Specs are exactly the same.
Years Shooting: 45 years of shooting; Started sporting clays in 2015, became an NSCA Member in 2016

Primary Discipline and other disciplines in order of desired shooting: FITASC, Sporting, Super Sporting, 5-Stand, and True Pair

Residence and Home town (if different): Born in Walbridge, Ohio and presently live in Ardmore, TN

Do you give shooting instruction? Yes, I am an NSCA Level I Instructor

Home Club: I have several that I call home including Nashville Gun Club, and Montgomery County Shooting Complex

Do you have any special causes? I am working on starting a benefit shoot for Down Syndrome Awareness of Middle Tennessee

Glasses: Pilla’s
Ear Plugs: Custom molded solid ear plugs
Vest: Caesar Guerini Vest
Pouch: Don’t use a Pouch much, but when I do it is my Caesar Guerini Pouch

Notable Wins:
2020 National Championship K-Cup Master Class Veteran 4th Place
2020 Southeast Regional Prelim Master Class Veteran 3rd Place
2021 Cole All-Regional Team Southeast Region Veteran
2021 Northeast Regional Super Sporting Veteran Runner-Up
2020 Tennessee All-State AA Class Champion
2019 Championship Tour AA Class Runner Up
2018 Gamaliel Cup B Class Champion
2018 Gamaliel Cup 5-Stand Prelim B Class Champion
2018 Gamaliel Cup 5-Stand Main B Class 3rd Place
2018 Kentucky State FITASC A Class Champion
2018 Kentucky State Super Sporting A Class Champion
2018 Kentucky State Super Sporting AClass Champion
2018 Kentucky State 12 GA Tied for HOA
2018 Tennessee State AA Class Champion
2018 Tennessee State FITASC HOA Runner-Up
2018 NSCA Championship Super Sporting AA Class 4th Place
2018 NSCA All Region Southeast Region