Shooter Profile: Jack Bart

Jack-BartJack is the president of Barts Sports World, a full line gun shop. With his two brothers Wayne and Roy, they have been serving shooters at Barts for over 57 years.

They’ve been a Caesar Guerini Dealer, almost since their beginnings in this country.

Jack’s shooting experience spans over five decades. He has shot competitively in all disciplines of the shotgun sports. He has earned numerous awards on both the state and national level.  After qualifying locally, he was invited to the Olympic Team, Trapshooting Tryouts for the 1972 Summer Olympic Games in Munich Germany. Circumstances at the time did not allow him to go.

He is a double certified shotgun shooting instructor, and a Master Stock Fitter. His internationally acclaimed instructional DVD “3 Shot Trapshooting” has brought rave reviews from shooters all over the globe.

Today he spends most of his time doing Stock Fittings, and teaching, Trap, Skeet, and Sporting Clays.When he’s not on the range, he’s at Barts, showing their line of fine Caesar Guerini Shotguns.

Often asked which Guerini is his favorite. His answer is: “I believe the reason they make different guns for different venues is; they help you shoot better. For Trap,I shoot a Caesar Guerini Magnus Trap. It’s a 34” Bottom Single, sometimes referred to as an Un-Single. It’s the gun I used in my DVD. My sporting Clays gun is a 32” 12 gauge Caesar Guerini Challenger Impact. Which, by the way, with absolutely no adjustment is the perfect Skeet Gun, and with just a slight adjustment using the memory screws in the comb it quickly becomes a real Trap Gun. If I had to live my life with one gun, it would be a Caesar Guerini Impact. It does it all.”

As a world class wing shooter Jack  has introduced his Caesar Guerini Shotgun to game birds throughout the US, and Canada, along with shooting in Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Argentina, and Africa.

He just loves to shoot…