[ Sporting Classics: 01.15 ] “Shotguns: Caesar Guerini Invictus” by Robert Matthews

Caesar Guerini built the Invictus from the ground up with an eye toward shooting one million rounds. The company’s current line is based on sound, proven designs that work quite well for their intended purposes, but clays guns take a terrible beating compared to field models, and Guerini decided to fundamentally redesign the traditional over-and-under. They set out with the lofty goal of producing a gun that would survive one million rounds…

[ Sporting Classics: 1.06 ] “Award of Excellence: Magnus Light, Magnus Field”

By combining tradition with technology, Caesar Guerini offers a great value in fine shotguns. When it comes to top-notch shotguns, Italy is renowned for its fine craftsmanship, precise manufacturing tolerances and premium materials.