[ Clay Shooting USA 12:22 ] A look at the Caesar Guerini Invictus IX by Matthew Gay

This shotgun truly embodies the concept of pride in ownership. Not only because of the absolute beauty it exudes, but also as a result of superior innovation, breeding reliability, functionality and an endurance that likely matches its namesake; “Invictus,” which means, “unconquerable, unsubdued and invincible.”

[ Shotgun Sports 05:21 ] Gun Test: Invictus II Sporting

Overall, I was duly impressed with the performance of the Invictus II Sporting shotgun. I found the POI out of the box to be an excellent setup for both skeet and sporting clays. This model has the option of an adjustable comb which I always recommend to exponentially increase the versatility of the shotgun. Currently, Caesar Guerini offers the Invictus line of shotguns in five grades. As I really admire the look of color case hardening on a shotgun, the Invictus II would be my choice.

[Gun Dog Magazine 12.20] Shotgun Report: Woodlander Dove Special

This is an exclusive gun, but not one that was meant to be trapped in the dark inner recesses of a gun safe. It’s not as ornate as some field guns in this class, but that’s precisely the Woodlander Dove Special’s charm: it’s understated but elegant, and it is mechanically solid. What’s more, it’s backed by the best customer service in the industry.

[Sporting Classics 02.20] The new Revenant: A modern classic by Robert Matthews

It will come as no surprise that a long time ago I developed a profound affection for rare and fine shotguns. The rarer and finer, the better. There was little that I could do to salve my affliction at the time, but the obsession persisted and when I became an adult, I set out on a course that led me to procure as many of them as I possibly could.

[ Shotgun Sports 09:19 ] Gun Test: Invictus III Trap Combo by Johnny Cantu

Caesar Guerini shotguns have gained the reputation of producing high-performance shotguns, such as the long life expectancy of the Invictus line of shotguns. They have also earned a reputation for building shotguns that go to the next level of aesthetics. The new Invictus III Trap is just such an example of the art that Caesar Guerini firearms display.