[ Shooting Sportsman: 01.11 ] “Gun Review – Ellipse EVO” by Bruce Buck

This is my third Caesar Guerini review in the past seven years. That’s a lot, but I have my reasons. Since its inception 11 years ago, Guerini has earned a prominent place in the shotgun world. The company’s lifetime warranty and factory service are first-rate….

[ Sporting Clays: 07.09 ] “Small-Gauge Caesar Guerini Summit Sporting” by Nick Sisley

With travel and lodging costs escalating, it is apparent that once you sporting clays shooters arrive at a shoot, that’s what you are extremely interested in doing—shooting. Consequently, the popularity of shooting the preliminary small-gauge events is on the rise.

[ Rod & Rifle Magazine (New Zealand): 07.09 ] “Caesar Guerini Maxum 20 Gauge” by Gary Girvan

Although it is a relatively new name in shotgun manufacturing, the over-and-under shotguns manufactured by the Italian firm, Caesar Guerini, have achieved high popularity and critical acclaim overseas, particularly in the United States and Great Britain.

[ Outdoor Life Magazine: 07.09 ] Outdoor Life Magazine’s Editors Choice – The Apex by John Snow

When it comes to building shotguns that blend beauty, performance and value, no one is doing a better job than Caesar Guerini, which has again earned top honors in our annual shotgun test, this time with its new Apex Sporting over/under…

[ Shotgun Sports: 06.09 ] “Industry Spotlight / Meet Wes Lang” by Connie Mako Miller

We all recognize the name “Caesar Guerini” now, but it was only a short few years back, while introducing the Guerini guns to the U.S. marketplace, Wes Lang, President of Guerini U.S.A., was accustomed to people asking, “What’s that?” or sometimes even, “Who’s that?” It’s pretty amazing how quickly the American market embraced the quality lines of Guerini.

[ Shotgun Sports: 05.07 ] “Caesar Guerini Summit Trap” by Johnny Cantu

If someone were to ask you to list the finer gunmakers of Italy, most of you would likely call out names like Beretta, Perazzi, Benelli, Fabbri and a few others. In this review, I will be extolling the features and virtues of a dedicated trap gun from a fairly new name with Brescian heritage, an Unsingle from Caesar Guerini.

[ Sporting Clays: 09.06 ] “Caesar Guerini Essex” by Nick Sisley

Some of the used shotguns that are bringing the highest dollars these days are the previously owned English side-by-sides from Purdey, Boss, Holland & Holland, Lancaster, and a number of others that are perhaps not quite as well known. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to take a close look at the engraving on these exceptional shotguns…

[ Sporting Classics: 1.06 ] “Award of Excellence: Magnus Light, Magnus Field”

By combining tradition with technology, Caesar Guerini offers a great value in fine shotguns. When it comes to top-notch shotguns, Italy is renowned for its fine craftsmanship, precise manufacturing tolerances and premium materials.